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Today's world is changing faster than ever before. Companies need to respond to their changing customers and competitive landscape through digital transformation. Businesses need to be agile.

We would like to help you embrace intuition and drive continuous innovation.

FINATIC is a FinTech provider of Products and Services to the ICT & Financial sectors.

FINATIC is a fast-growing Belgian FinTech company active at the crossroads of financial business and ICT. We provide high-value services and build next generation electronic payment solutions combined with experience in digital assets, shared public ledgers technologies and in data engineering.

One of our ambition is to become a key player in the crypto market niche, providing customers with advices and technical solutions to meet the challenges triggered by the "blockchain revolution".

FINATIC flagship solutions enable financial institutions and their business customers to manage and process their digital assets cost-effectively, securely and reliably.

Our services include interim management, consulting, payment strategy, training, software & product development, reengineering, IT & Cyber Security Assessment, digital transformation; discover why FINATIC services can help your firm below.

FINATIC is a Registered Trademark of Finatic bv.

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FINATIC is providing high-value services to banks and corporates. Amongst others, offered services are:

  • Interim Management
  • Product/Software Development
  • Near / offshoring
  • Strategic Advice
  • Data engineering
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Program Management
  • Enterprise and ICT Architecture
  • Risk and Audit of IS
  • IT & Cyber Security Assessment

  • Our experienced consultants are all passionate people and truly believe in the competitiveness of the Belgian ICT & Financial sector.

    FINATIC has experience of providing cost-effective consultants and interim managers to a large spectrum of companies: from start-ups and SMEs to large multi-national organisations.

    Recent assignments include a programme management in the treasury service of a large electricity & gas provider; CEO of a document management company, Principal Consultant at a large IT service company and Lead Business Architect at a leading European bank.


    Leveraging years of experience and expertise in the ever-evolving banking and corporate markets, FINATIC’s “Prelude” programme leads to offer to the Industry solutions enabling financial institutions and their business customers to manage and process mobile payments cost-effectively, securely and reliably.

    Objective of this programme is to offer best-of-breed mobile payment platform solution that provide a rapid and attractive return on investment.

    Solutions Overview

    The “High-Level Product Description” gives the context, the actors, the business triggers and the positioning of the solution in the evolving world of mobile payments. It can be found in our Thought leadership section

    Our Mobile Payment Platform interfaces seamlessly with many different banking and financial systems. User interfaces are available on diverse platforms including IOS, Android, Java and Windows

    Prelude programme is delivering a complete front-to-back electronic mobile payment enabling solutions that help banks, intermediaries and merchants realize the benefits of mobile payment automation.

    FINATIC’s solution streamline the transaction lifecycle to minimize costs and maximize profits. 

    If you want more information or documentation on Prelude, please send a email to

    Thought Leadership

    FINATIC’s experts are mainly specialized in banking and new technologies. With the following white papers, they try to address how the revolution that is taking place with the “mobile” is affecting the behaviour of the population!

    The first white paper analyse the impact of mobility on the distribution of retail banking products. Our experts found that new actors will play a significant role if banks don’t reinvent their branches. Are mobile network operators a new entrant in the game? Mobile payments is at its youth, but traditional retail banking is facing obsolescence!

    Download the white paper here: "Mobile: New Distribution Channels for Retail Banking"

    Different materials on digital assets and decentralized finance.

    Is cryptocurrency a store of value for the current crisis?
    Download the white paper here: "Bitcoin_StoreOfValue_Whitepaper_2020"

    Download here the original Bitcoin white paper: "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System"

    "A Beginner's Handbook to Bitcoin".

    What Is The Handbook About?

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you would have come across terms like blockchain, cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin. 

    This handbook (PowerPoint presentation) is for those who haven't yet debuted into the world of cryptocurrencies and do not know much about Bitcoin. The idea is to explain this massive phenomenon in the simplest and non-intimidating way.

    After all, every complex software or technology can be easily understood and leveraged for our needs. 

    This handbook does precisely that.

    Ps. Please contact us for the Beginner's Handbook (EN and FR), it's available now at a very low price.